How Antivirus Works?


An antivirus is a protection software that protects your devices from worms, malware, spyware. The antivirus works by detecting or scanning the harmful malware, virus and instantly take action to remove them. When you have antivirus software on your computer, it started to scan your computer. It uses the different detection processes to completely scan your device or you can manually scan the malware.  

Why is the computer gets infected by Viruses?

Your computer or other devices get infected by viruses for several reasons.

Downloading the files or programs – when you want to know about something, there are many searches show to you. Some links can contain the virus or it can be phishing links. And when you click on it, a program or file downloaded that includes a virus. This is how your PC can be infected by downloading irrelevant files.

Social media and links – it is recommended you to always be aware before clicking on a link. A link considers being secure if it has an SSL or https link. Videos or other social media contents also contain the virus.

Public wifi – when you connected to the public wifi, it is risky for you. Your internet connection can get infected therefore an antivirus require that fight against the viruses. Almost everyone uses internet and make of them has data on risk, You should have to get awareness of the basic services of internet and also must have to use the Antivirus to increase security.

Merits of having an Antivirus

You have known till now that antivirus protects your device from viruses. But some other benefits also that will bound to have this software in your system.

Stops you from clicking on phishing links

Phishing links are the traps that lay by the hackers and if any such link found in your android. It prevents you from clicking on those links.

Scan your device or any removable device – you need to connect other devices with your system such as a printer, cam device, and other. when you remove or disconnected to the device, it instantly scans your system and removes the viruses if it.

Protection against the online threats – it detects the threats in your device and instantly takes action to defend your device. so that attackers can not track your private data and other details.

Fast speed -  antivirus software does not affect the performance of your systems. It does not let your computer slow down.

How to get an antivirus?

It is easy to get an antivirus for macOS, Android, window, iOS, or iPhone. Antivirus works in any operating device that you use. But you have to download and install this software for that device that you use. Many companies are available that provides the antivirus service like Kaspersky, Bitdefender, McAfee, and others. You can also get free antivirus software but free antivirus does not include all the best features. For advanced features, you need to purchase a premium antivirus software plan.

What features are included in the free antivirus application?

ü  It defends your PC, macOS, iPhone, iOS devices

ü  Secure your password and other details

ü  A VPN to protects your identity and online privacy

What features are included in the premium antivirus application?

Along with free antivirus features, some other features also that are:-

ü  It blocks the latest virus, malware, ransomware, spyware, crypto locker, and other viruses.

ü  Provides the real-time antivirus protection of your devices

ü  Do not affect the performance of your PC

Frequently Asked Questions

Does antivirus detect all the viruses?

No, antivirus service is provided by many vendors so their features can be different. Some antivirus providers can include this feature to detect all the viruses. 

How do I know that my antivirus is working or not?

You can know about this through your antivirus application’s control panel. See your setting and allow button of antivirus protection.

What is the best free antivirus provider?

To get free antivirus protection, you can choose among Bitdefender, Kaspersky, Avira, Avast, and more.

Is free antivirus enough?

If you strictly care about your privacy then free antivirus is not enough. It depends on you that how often you use your device for online activities.

What antivirus should I buy for my business?

Kaspersky, McAfee, Bitdefender, and security providers also offer the best antivirus security for your business. It keeps safe your employee's device and scans the viruses from them.


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