How Antivirus Works?

  An antivirus is a protection software that protects your devices from worms, malware, spyware. The antivirus works by detecting or scanning the harmful malware, virus and instantly take action to remove them. When you have antivirus software on your computer, it started to scan your computer. It uses the different detection processes to completely scan your device or you can manually scan the malware.   Why is the computer gets infected by Viruses? Your computer or other devices get infected by viruses for several reasons. Downloading the files or programs – when you want to know about something, there are many searches show to you. Some links can contain the virus or it can be phishing links. And when you click on it, a program or file downloaded that includes a virus. This is how your PC can be infected by downloading irrelevant files. Social media and links – it is recommended you to always be aware before clicking on a link. A link considers being secure if it has an SSL